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Disclaimer: The information and photos in this blog are from the amazing source Moncler Expert . If you would like more detailed information about how to authenticate a Moncler item such as vintage or Grenoble pieces, we recommend the Moncler Expert website. 

 There are many ways to authenticate a Moncler item and there are many different items that you may want to authenticate, in this case we will inform you about how to authenticate puffer jackets and parkas and the main way in which we do so at Unknown Seller.

1) Logo

Counterfeiters have never been able to perfectly duplicate the embroidered logo on Moncler jackets. The details of the embroidery are consistent from one Moncler jacket to the next. A fake can be easily spotted by closely comparing an authentic Moncler logo to the one on the jacket you are looking at.

Here are some examples of authentic logos over the years:


 The design of this logo stayed consistent in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Then in 2019 the lettering became more bold as seen below, and it remains like this on 2020 models.

This is one example of a 2020 fake logo, in comparison to a real logo from the same era. It's fairly accurate and may fool a lot of people, but the tail feathers and the letter R are clearly different and that is what gives it away as a fake.

Take a look at the logo on an authentic jacket and notice how it is cut and embroidered. Notice how the letters within the black border are symmetrical, and how the M has a slight taper and the ends of the C barely curl in.


Because fake Monclers are made in so many different locations/factories, there is little consistency from one fake to the next unless they were made by the same counterfeit producer. Here is an example of 8 FAKE Moncler jacket logos:

Most fake Moncler logos come in all shapes and sizes with crooked lettering, inconsistent spacing and sometimes just plain sloppy workmanship. 


Here is a summary of what to look for when checking a Moncler logo/badge:

Because the logo is quite small when looking at it on a jacket, in order to clearly see the details mentioned above, you need really good eyes, a magnifying glass, reading glasses, or a photo that you can view on a computer screen.


2) The brand label 

Here are some examples of the brand labels over the years, in between these years the labels have stayed the same:

In 2009 they made a slight change to the label. This is most noticeable in the letter C and the tail feathers in comparison to the previous label.

In 2011 there was another update to the label. Again, there is a slight difference in the bottom of the letter C.

Then in 2016 they again changed the label. Again, the letter C has changed, as well as the tail feathers, and the slant of the serifs at the bottom of the letters L and E.

Much like the logo, fake brand labels can all look slightly different in size, lettering and colour. Here are some examples:


3) The cartoon

The Moncler logo is consistent from one jacket to the next. Sometimes it's easy to spot a fake with just a simple glance at the cartoon. The tone and saturation of the colors in the cartoon has varied from year to year but the layout and details of the cartoon have not changed.

Some collections such as Longue Saison and Doudoune Legere also do not have one. The lack of a cartoon is not necessarily an indication of a fake, and most fakes do come with one.

As of 2020, I see a lot of fakes that have a perfect cartoon matching all details. Either counterfeiters have figured out how to perfectly duplicate this, or there may have been large amounts of original Moncler cartoons stolen from factories and sold to counterfeiters. This sort of thing does happen on occasion.

Here is an example of an authentic cartoon:

Notice that the corners of the cartoon are slightly rounded on the above photo. Moncler did not always do this but started doing it around 2010. Prior to that the cartoon had square corners as seen in this photo from a 2009 jacket.

Any post 2010 jacket that has a cartoon with square corners is a fake.

On more recent models, the cartoon may have deeper, more bold colors, such as this one from a 2016 jacket.

This one is from 2019:

Here are a few examples of fake cartoons. As you can see, the colors are too deep, too vivid, or off tint:

The ink on an authentic Moncler cartoon does not start to wear off or erode away like on this photo from a fake:

The cartoon is printed on a fabric that has a matte sheen to it. This cartoon from a fake has a shine to it. An authentic Moncler cartoon will never look like this:

One flaw with the cartoon is that over time and wear, the edges start to fray and become disconnected. Although it's poor quality, this is a common thing with authentic Monclers. On rare occasion you may see a cartoon where the bird has a red hat. This is actually a legitimate cartoon, it's just that you will rarely ever see one.

Here is one thing to check when looking at a cartoon in detail. Take note of the alignment of the words below the bottom right cartoon frame. You will see how on the fake one the left side of the frame is aligned with the left half of the letter E where on the authentic one, it aligns with the right side of the E. While this may seem trivial, ALL Moncler cartoons for the last 10+ years are identical when it comes to this alignment so any variance from that is a clear indication of a fake.

Keep in mind though, that many fakes have this alignment perfectly duplicated so you can't rely on this detail alone for authenticity.

The cartoon frames on a real Moncler will never have smooth, rounded corners, nor will the borders be perfect straight lines. They always have a hand drawn look to them.

Not all fake cartoons are inaccurate in this way, but it's something to pay attention to.

This is another fine detail you can look for in the cartoon. This is going to require strong reading glasses or a zoomed in photo. In the bottom right hand pane of the cartoon, there is a jagged edge in the bottom border of the frame.

We hope this guide helps you to authenticate your item. If you do purchase an item from us and it is found to be fake we will refund you immediately. Please don't hesitate to message us on Instagram for further advice and details. 

Unknown Seller  

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